The Opateria and other towns outside of this region were formed of the families Tegüima, Tegüi, Eudeve, Caüinachi, and Jova, collectively known as the Opata Indians of the Sonora-Chihuahua-Arizona regions; known today as Southeast Arizona bordering with the Apaches, to the Northwest of Sonora bordering the Tohono O’odham and Akimel O’otham (Pima), to the South-Central of Sonora with the O’ob (Pima Bajo), Tepehuanes and Yoeme (Yaqui), to the Southwest with Yoreme (Mayo) and Macurawe (Guarijíos) and to the Northeast of Sonora / Northwest of Chihuahua with Rarámuri (Tarahumara).

We have created a dynamic list in Google Docs with some of our towns:
Villages-Misiones-Villas-Ranchos Opata

The following map pinpoints some of the Opata towns in the Opateria (region marked as gray) and other settlements outside of it:

Other maps of Interest

There are many maps that have been created in the region, but here we present the ones we believe are the most significant in terms of Opateria: