Animales en Opata

During the research of our Opata culture, we have been finding the different words our people have used to refer to various species of animals (Co: Animal). Please find below the current list (last updated on Feb 16th, 2020):

Spiders, scorpions and relatives:
-Mariguasoco: Tarantula [Lycosa or Mygale tarantula].

Insects (Hexapods):
-Balâcachi: Cicada, Chicharra [Cicadidae].

-Copechi: Species of elaterid beetle with bioluminescence produced by two points near the pronotum [Pyrophorus noctiluca].

-Mässig ia: Ciempiés [Myriapoda].


[+] Cordados (Vertebrates)
Fish fish with radiated fins



[+] Cordados (Vertebrates)

-Baro: Dark green parakeet [Forpus cyanopygius].

-Chëpa: Northern Centzontle [Mimus polyglottos].

-Chiqui: Guajolote, Wild Turkey [Meleagris gallopava].

-Churêa: Runner bird, Roadrunner [Geococcyx californianus].

-Coichi: Quail with tuft or desert plume [Lophortyx gambelii].

-Nacamu: Owl [Strix passerina].

-Ococoi: Tortola, mourning pigeons [Zenaidura macroura]; Wild, gray, semi-rabona, wild lovebird that lives between thistles and cuchutas, in the medanales.

-Pägue: The bald eagle [Haliaeetus leucocephalus].

-Picha: Greater Black Eagle [Buteogallus urubitinga]. Beautiful black eagle with a fan-shaped tail, with a white stripe from side to side at the bottom. It is the size of a magpie, but thinner and more elegant “Picha” is the sound that they emit when they frolic and plan at height.

Sopi: Any bat that lives in the Opateria [Eptesicus fuscus, Lasiurus blossevillii, Lasiurus cinereus, Antrozous pallidus, Idionycteris phyllotis, Euderma maculatum, Glossophaga soricina, Leptonycteris yerbabuenae, Choeronyctomotransmitis, Pserotomotopus, Pteronomopsis, Psyllotransmitis, Psyllotransmitis, Psyllotransmitis, Psycholaemoepsis, Psycholapsis, Psycholaepsis, Psyllotropia, Psyllomotis, Psyllotropia femorosaccus, Nyctinomops macrotis, Corynorhinus mexicanus, Corynorhinus townsendii, Lasiurus xanthinus].

-Sipïragui: Royal eagle [Aquila chrysaetos].

-Scipipiraigue: Double-headed eagle, which was seen in these lands a long time ago, according to tradition (A specimen was sent to King Philip V in 1723).


-Batepi: White-nosed Coati [Nasua naryca (Nazua nasica)], brown in color, with cream and blackish spots (elotero) similar to the badger.

-Bûsani: Venado pequeño.

-Chita: Otter or puppy water [Lontra longicaudis].

-Churei: Badger [Procyon lotor].

-Churu: [Bassariscus astutus] a badger-like animal.

-Churo: Ferret of Patas Negras [Mustela nigripes].

-Cubida: Pronghorn (pronghorn sonoriensis).

-Mâbari: Anteater in the family of Myrmecophagidae [Mexican Tamandua].

-Mäba: Plantigrade black bear. (Ursus americanus), found high in the mountains.

-Mäsot: White-tailed deer [Odocoileus virginianus].

-Pissini: Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Kodiak Bear [Ursus arctos].

-Pore: Wildcat [American Lynx, Lynx rufus].

-Samuhi: Common Deer [Cervus elaphus].

-Scua (Xua): Bura deer [Odocoileus hemionus]. Sometimes they are used as buttons and their meat is sweet.

-Teteso: Bighorn sheep [Ovis canadensis].


-Sadaco: Black-tailed rattlesnake [Crotalus molossus].

-Setagui: Colored viper, flying viper, also called chirrionera, whipping snake [Masticophis flagellum].


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