Ask for forgiveness

Ask for forgiveness

How hard it is for me to recognize you in these times,

Times of forgotten memories.

You no longer sing in your language, no longer laugh at your parties.

You were colonized brother, with songs and shady prayers

They encircled you with their claws in the shape of a cross.

They distorted your face and everything you loved

I can no longer identify your face, now empty

Without a soul, rather strange souls

They taught you to prejudice, condemnation, and misery

Always with promises of future havens

While they sing to your ear, they are destroying your world.

And you smile even though there are so many absences in your smile

Your parents did not celebrate what you now celebrate, brother.

They sang to him to the earth, to the river to the forest and the mountain.

Nudity was not a problem, and they did not want anything.


They colonized you, brother.

Martin Ortega López

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