Great Pride for the Opata Nation

Great Pride for the Opata Nation
“Indigenous Peoples of Sonora Mexico” team holding the flag of the Tohono O’odham Nation and the flag created by Teresita Leal (mayo-opata) to represent the Opatas.

During the past NABI, it was of great pride and honor that the honorable Verlon Jose who was the tribal chief until May of 2019 as vice president of the Tohono O’odham Nation carries the coat of arms of our people Hoi-Ra-Ua. called Opatas. It is very significant for us and of high value because it indirectly contributes to our process and struggles for reunification as a differentiated people that have not been extinct as it had been expressed in the last two decades. We are recognized as a people from which we descend thousands, but unfortunately many do not assume for different reasons that have happened over the centuries.

Through this note, we want to give the specials again thanks to my brother Julio Cesar Ortega Lopez and my nephew Julio Everardo Ortega who represented us very well in this event where brothers from many parts of the world and original peoples of Sonora – Arizona met. The creator is sending us blessings so that we can help him to rescue this wonderful place that he created for us and that we call home, our mother earth. And although the theme was the sport we know that if our young people, our children live in a healthy environment, they will be the ones that continue with this fight. Thank you very much to the teacher Edna Soto Gracia and Isabel Valadez Arias who coordinated for this to be possible, you are a blessing for our peoples.

This flag was designed by Teresita Leal, our commander who today takes care of us from that spiritual level where she undoubtedly continues to send us blessings. She gave it to me and we will always wear it with pride, WE ARE the Hoi-Ra-Ua, Opatas (Tehuimas, Jovas, Eudeves to mention the most numerous families), WE ARE BRIDGE BEINGS, a nation that came to light again to enrich the culture of our State of Sonora and of our country.

Martin Ortega López

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